Coconut shells, coconut wax, coconut milk and oil - you can use so many parts of coconut to make candles, soaps, dishes and much more - all totally natural and all ready to make amazing gifts. Our family has a coconut bird feeder in the garden, I have coconut bowls and I wash dishes with a coconut-based dish soap - so gentle yet so powerful. Oh, and I can't say how much I love using coconut oil for my lips as a balm!
The following collection is currently including amazing bath bombs, wax melts, candles, soaps (many, many soaps!) that are coconut scented or contain coconut milk (or powder), coconut oil or simply shredded coconut! In addition to a variety of coconut shell dishes, cutlery, decoration and last but not least, jewellery, of course! =)
All vegan-friendly - even the "milk and honey" and other daring products =) I really love the crafters' imagination!

Patchouli Coconut Oil Whipped Body ButterCoconut Coffee Vanilla Soy Wax CandleCoconut Rosehip Bath Salt TeaCoconut Tagua Vegetable Ivory EarringsCeramic Coconut MugUnscented Coconut Oil SoapBronze Coconut Bead Glass EarringsBalancing Coconut Rose Bath BombMini Coconut Hoop EarringsCoconut Lime Sea Salt Body ScrubCoconut Cocoa Rice SoapBohemian Coconut Beads Bronze BraceletHanging Coconut Shell Flower PotCoconut Lavender Cocoa SoapCoconut Bamboo Wind ChimeRed Sandalwod Coconut SoapCoconut Decorative Snack BowlCoconut Husk Planter PotMini Coconut Decorated Vegan SoapCoconut Soap DishCoconut Lavender Solid ShampooCoconut Beads Turquoise BraceletUnique Ceramic Coconut BowlCoconut Lavender Vegan Bath BombHoney Milk Coconut Vegan SaopCoconut Shell PlatesVegan Bunny Coconut SoapVegan Coconut Dish SoapVegan Coconut Rabbit Hare Hair ShampooCoconut Scented Sheep Shaped Vegan Soap BarCoconut Bowls with Wooden SporksCoconut Oil Aloe Body ScrubVegan Handmade Coconut Soap BarCoconut Lime Scented Soy Wax CandleCoconut Scented Soy Wax MeltsCoconut Lime Vegan SoapCoconut Tropical Fruit TeaCoconut coir + hessian scrubbyCoconut Hoop Earrings DreamcatcherCoconut Shell CandleNatural Coconut BowlCoconut Wax Candle

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